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Add me to the list. It’s absolutely a scam. I knew I was over 80 mph, but it could be 83 or 84.He said 85, and I accepted it without even worrying about plus or minus 1 or 2 miles. Now that extra mile is giving me most honorable “Super Speeder” award with $200 cash bonus…I honor the speeding fine, but this SS..That’s a scam. That’s the worst way to collect money. The officer didn’t even ask for my insurance info. He didn’t say anything about ticket fine or this honorable award..From stopping me to issuing ticket..everything was done in 10 minutes…YES just 10 minutes..He was a SUPER SPEEDER ticket issuer..He was in such hurry..I had to call him and stop to answer my question..They were just stopping people left and right..Within 1 mile I saw 6 cars pulled over including mine..That poor county was TIFT.. I will never contribute or invest in Georgia. I will never stop by or buy anything from GA. Will wait until I reach Carolinas or Florida before buying anything. If they think its a fun way to cheat and collect money then we will show them our way to trash their economy.

And for the record, I have very good driving record. It was one off incident. I even told that to the cop, but he was in hurry..

Titusville, FL