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Please add me to your list of “super speeders” if you will be filing a class action lawsuit. My experience was identical to many above. On June 1st 2012, I was going through Georgia on Interstate 85. I was traveling with a pack of cars, I noticed police offers on the opposite of the Interstate and a few scattered on my side, we were all going approximately the same speed. As our pack of cars were driving along, I merged to the front after being behind two tractor trailers on both lanes for several miles and I had a screaming 10 month old and a 2 yr old also two arguing teens, I went in front of the tractor trailor on the left and the pack of cars followed suit and I merged to the slow lane on the two laned highway, I used my turning signal to turn to the lane,I passed the vehicle of an officer who was parked on the side of 85 in Brazelton, GA, he followed us, pulling me over for “speeding 80 mph in a 70”, but did not stop any of the other vehicles in the pack of cars I was with. I stated I was going with the flow of traffic and he did not respond. He did say “hello ladies” when he noticed my teenage son sitting in the front seat. He said he had me on radar,he asked if I knew the speed limit and how fast I was going,I told him no, I just wanted to get off the road to settle everyone, and I mentioned the two tractor trailors side by side,then asked him what else besides my license he needed and opened the glove compartment and told him him to get the paperwork himself, as I had did not know I had not had a ticket in over 5 years, I live in SC and people drive slower there, the limit is 65, but not like traffic in GA I felt I had to go the speed everyone was going since there are 2 lanes and they were long lines of cars,I told him I was not going to argue with him.I was visably shaking, confused, upset and tired. He said he did not know how much the ticket would be and that I would have to call the number on the ticket. By all means he definately DID NOT mention the super speeder ticket. He did however state that I did not have to come back to Georgia to pay the ticket after I asked him where I had to go and pay it becasue I was not from the town or the state, that I could call the number on the ticket and pay the fine. Again he did not mention the additional fee. When I called the number on the ticket, I was told they also accepted payments online because I did not need to apear again I was not told about the super speeder fee. I remember feeling relieved since I dont have family in SC or anyone to take off work so I could go to pay a ticket, so either way I did not have anyone to babysit my kids for me to drive to GA to fight a ticket. I paid my fine in good faith and a week later I recieved a notice in the mail for the super speeder fee. I feel they deliberately withheld information from me, as well as mainly targeted me because I was an out of state driver and therefore would not know the GA law, the limit, where to go what to do really, nor would I be interested in returning to court in that state. If I could go backI would have both my babies on my hip and state what I just typed so the judge could get idea of what I went through at the moment, Good luck to anyone who travels to this state, no matter what anyone says they have a quota… you & your friend & your loved ones, to me it seemed that its easier to get money that way for their state/county, then by earning it and solving unsolved crimes or catching REAL criminals.