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I was given a ticket on April 18, 2012 in Dublin, (Laurens County) GA. The officer had a mount of erraneous information on my ticket, i.e, the wrong year of my vehicle, he also had the wrong exit on the ticket, he also put on the ticket that the weather was sunny and the roads were dry( not true it was pouring down rain and it was raining so hard that it was grey) I could barely see in front of me. I went on the internet and got the weather stats for Laurens County/middle Ga and it had a 60% chance of rain on that day. He had on his rain gear and his headgear with the plastic cover on it. I called to inquire about the price of my ticket and the lady couldn’t tell me, she told me to call back in three weeks. Three weeks later I found out that my ticket was $282.00. I only paid it because I did not want to travel for two and a half hours back to Laurens County. I did not know that I would get an additional ticket in the mail later for $200.00. I was flooored and highly pissed when I received the letter for this additional charge. It was pay or my license would be suspensed. The state of GA is getting rich off of drivers because most people would rather pay the fine than travel miles and hours to defend themselves, not knowing that if they paid the fine it would result in this form of guilty that would make them guilty for additional $200.00 fine. It’s a crock of mess. Please include me this civil suit.