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Same old song and dance here…with an added twist!! I was in the Air Force when I got pulled over on 75 on my way out of the state (Dalton, GA area) for temporary duty in Ohio in January 2011. Because I am stationed in Georgia, I had heard about the new Super Speeder law, so I wasn’t completely unaware. Because I was active duty military, I was allowed to keep my valid license from my home of residence, which was Ohio. When you do so, the address on your license is that of your home of residence…not your current physical address. Anyway, I paid the fine via the internet as there was no way I was going to be able to travel that far to make the court appearance.

Well here is where the twist comes in…I retired from the Air Force a few months ago, and just today I went to the Georgia DMV to change my Ohio license out for a Georgia license in order to gain employment with the state. After I hand the clerk all of the required documentation, she informs me that my license was suspended in July of 2011 because of that speeding infraction. I looked at her confused and informed her that I paid the ticket. She then informs me that a letter was sent to the address on my Ohio license…but that she can see in the computer that it was marked returned. At this point I’m in an absolute panic! My husband is in Korea and I think I’m stranded at the DMV with two kids in school! I ask her what on earth I’m supposed to do to be able to legally drive and am told that I will have to pay $250 on the spot…$200 for super speeder and $50 for reinstatement!! Are you freaking kidding me??? She of course is so kind to educate me that I’m lucky I didn’t get pulled over instead…that I probably would have been taken to jail!!!

The state of Georgia DOES NOT salute the military!!! Because I’m military, and was following federal laws regarding residency and licensing, I drove on a suspended license for nearly a year and a half!!!

Please add me to the class action suit!!

Lorinda Rivero