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Please add me on this class action lawsuit IMMEDIATELY. In May 2012 I rented a vehicle and was stopped for doing an 89 in a 55. I know for a fact I was not driving that fast, but hey the cop was polite and seemed as if he was doing me a favor. I have no points on my license nor have I ever received a speeding ticket. Since I do not live in Georgia when I got back to see how much the ticket was from Dekalb Recorder Court they do not EVER answer the phone or have a website for information. I had to take off work to research and figure out what to do.

I then found out that I could not simply pay the fine and had to come to court to find out how much the fine was. Since I am not a GA resident I could not fly all the way there so I paid a lawyer to handle my case of 400. Then I found out after the deal they worked out I had to pay 470 for the super speeder ticket, take defensive driving, and do 24 hours community service so the ticket is non reported. I SERIOUSLY FEEL THIS STATE is robbing people for there money and doing alot of illegal politics. Beisdes the 870 out of pocket, the time for the community service and the money I had to pay for the defensive driving was ridiculous. Again I have NO POINTS on my license.

Please add me on your class action lawsuit because the way that state has treated me when I go back I will take public transportation here on out.