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I was stopped in Turner County, Ga in April of 2012 for going 86 in a 70 mph zone. I was given the ticket with instructions on where to go online to pay it and see how much I owe at payyourtix.com, which was supposed to be available within 30-45 days of the ticket. I checked every day for weeks until it finally showed up. From what I read on the ticket, I assumed that the reason they couldn’t tell me how much I owed immediately was because Georgia has a first time offender price (where they give you a break). I was thinking that I was going to catch a break since it was my first ticket…ha! Well, after looking everyday for at least 3 weeks (and calling once), it was posted. It was listed as a Super Speeder fee of $298, which I immediately paid. My mistake to think that was the end!

Today, I received a notice from the State of Georgia telling me that my license has been suspended because I failed to pay a Super Speeder fee of $200?! I knew I was a super speeder according to the info I found online at payyourtix.com, but I never read nor was I ever told that there was an additional $200 I’d have to pay…at a later date to another place. According to the letter I am looking at, I have to go to http://www.dds.ga.gov to “pay the fees”, which means the $200 is set up to be paid somewhere else?? What the heck? To top it off, there is a $50 reinstatement fee since I didn’t pay the original $200 fee within 120 days of them sending me a notice (which I never received).

I have never received any correspondence from the State of Georgia regarding this matter except the original ticket and this letter of explaining my suspension. According to the info I’ve googled online, they were supposed to have sent me a letter explaining the additional $200 to me 30 days or so after the original payment?? I can’t for the life of me understand why they would separate these fees. They know when you get your ticket that it’s super speeder. It takes weeks to process the amount in the system. Why don’t they set the two payments up at the same time or together? It’s really crazy that they would go through all the trouble to send out notices to speeders AFTER they have paid their fees asking for more money. They should have just asked for the $200 along with my $298 I was originally set to pay.

I will gladly be part of any class action suit. This is ridiculous. I don’t have a problem paying when I’m wrong, but the way they have this set up, it’s a trap. I’m having to pay an additional $50 because they SAID they sent me something I didn’t receive? There’s no way for me to prove otherwise, so I’m forced to eat it.