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Someone mentioned mafia, well we all know how greedy the mafia can get. Now the GA (specifically McIntosh County) police have resorted to outright lying. They supposedly “clocked” my wife going 88 in a 70 when both the van’s speedo and the GPS read 76. The cop didn’t care that two measurement devices (speedo and GPS) read the same and for some reason made her get out of the car on I-95 to sign the ticket. I think he was trying to provoke her and catch it on his dash camera. I don’t know about you but going 88 in a Honda minivan is freaking flying, I know my wife was not going that fast especially since the kids were with her.

Turns out the local attorneys are on the take also. What would normally be a couple of hundred to defend is now costing almost $700. I did learn something from the ambulance chasers, I know most people are slack when it comes to changing their license’s address after a move. Turns out, a lot of people are getting their license suspended after the super speeder notice goes to their old address and goes unpaid since this law is a secrete for non-Georgia residents. The cops have figured out… out of state tags equals easy money since most will not come back to court. I feel powerless so I’m will to ban together and fight this injustice.