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Please add me to you list of “super speeders” My experience was almost identical to many above. On June 27, I was going through Georgia on the Interstate. I was in a pack of cars, all going appx. the same speed. There were 2 policemen standing out of their vehicles underneath an overpass. As our cars passed them, one got into his car and followed us, pulling for “speeding 86 mph in a 70”, but did not stop any of the other vehicles in the pack of cars I was with. I stated I was going with the flow of traffic and he did not respond. I asked how much the ticket would be, and he said he did not know I would have to call the number on the ticket. He DID NOT mention the super speeder, nor the website where I could go to pay the fine that I would have found out about the additional fine. He did however state that I did not have to come back to Georgia(I’m from Virginia, just passing through), that I could call the number on the ticket and pay the fine. Again he did not mention the additional fee. When I called the number on the ticket, I was told they only accept cash or money orders and I needed to pay that way. Again, no disclosure of information about the super speeder, the website, etc. I paid my fine in good faith and yesterday, I received a notice of the super speeder fee. I feel they deliberately with held information from me, as well as targeted me because I was an out of state drive and therefore would not know the law, nor would I be interested in returning to court in a state 2 states away from my own.