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Okay- my situation is similar but a tiny bit different. First off, definitely add me to any suit or group… dtesta1@cfl.rr.com

I was traveling back to Florida from West Virginia on Tuesday, July 3, 2012. Very nice, polite officer (it was either a feminine looking younger male or a masculine looking female.. not that it matters but I wonder if this is the same person who pulled anyone else over).

He/she said I was going 90, which I don’t think I was…actually have no idea but definitely over 80… and the officer told me about the Super Speeder charge but made a point to say that he/she wasn’t going to add it to the ticket because my license says ‘safe driver’ and I haven’t had a speeding ticket since I was 17 or 18 years old (currently in my 40’s). He/she told me that they could charge me with it but they didn’t want to do that to me with a car full of cats (I was transporting cats to be adopted) and it was obvious I just wanted to get home to Florida. This person even told me that they were saving me $200!!!!!!!!!!

Also, as many of you have said on here, it didn’t seem like he/she was going to give me a ticket in the first place. NEVER asked for my insurance card- isn’t that normal? License and insurance? He/she said, “Let me just run your license and I’ll have you on your way.” Also, this person told me that they are not an officer of Pooler County (I was stopped on 95, heading south, have no idea what town, but I’m assuming Pooler County) but just doing some work for them. It wasn’t an actual officer with a gun-

This officer was sticky sweet nice that I was shocked that I actually got a ticket in the first place… and then today, over 6 weeks later, I get the SS award … the award that I was told I wouldn’t get.

Should I try to call the state or Pooler County and state my case that this officer specifically told me about the SS law and that he/she was going to spare me of that??? I live over 5 hours from there, but I would be willing to drive up there and face off with the officer if they want to say he/she didn’t say it… otherwise, I would have never known what a Super Speeder is.