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Well, I can chime in w/everyone here. My daughter was heading to Tennessee from our home in Florida June 11, 2012. She said the cop was on the overpass and pulled her over and said she was doing 87 in 70. This was in Tifton. She questioned his pulling her over because she had her “cruise control” set which he saw it was on. She said he too was very polite and gave her the ticket. She had a clean driving record. The officer told her to call to find out how much it would be. She too couldn’t go to fight the ticket because of not living close enough and her work schedule.
She paid the ticket $245 and then today I get the notice for the Super Speeder Fine in the mail addressed to her.
What a scam for sure…that’s exactly what I thought and started investigating and found this site. Too many similariites in the stories…nice cop, 87 in 70, hmmm…
Please include us in the class-action if you proceed.