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I am from Florida and in the same boat as most of you, and like you, I admit to speeding (85 mph in a 70 zone). I also paid the $179 fine and just received the SSL notice. My problem has to do with the lack of information provided by the officers issuing the fines. When you get arrested you are read the Miranda rights, and told what you are being arrested for; when you appear in court you are formally told what you are being charged for, and these officers, who not only HAVE to know the law but also know that you are from out of state, should also provide the information about the SSL at the time the fine is issued, whether it is to appeal it, pay it, or simply to know about it (because all those options are my rights, an as a citizen of the United States my rights do not end when I enter the state of Georgia. ). The officers may not know the amount owed for the speeding fine at the time of the infraction, but the SSL is a fixed $200 that applies all over the state of Georgia and they MUST know about it.
I realize that my ignorance of the law does not exempt me from fault ( I paid my fine right away), but it is obvious that the general perception is that this law is APPLIED in a sneaky way. It certainly appears that the law is being enforced by thugs and not officers of the law. All I’m talking about is the need for DISCLOSURES. If the officers cannot be held accountable for disclosing this law to all violators, then every county in that state should be required to print it on the back of their tickets to both cover their backs, and to do what is right to all citizens. All legal institutions are required to provide all types of disclosures for services and products provided. Wouldn’t it make sense for government to do the same.
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