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Ahh, seems to be a nice racket GA has going on. Target out of staters for this add on. I got the ticket in Darien just before leaving GA into FL they were set up ready to take some of that Disney money for themselves, I got the magical 90 in a 70. I actually got a letter from a scuzball attorney before paying my initial fine letting me know about the law and that I can hire him for $350 to go to court for me and reduce my fine by $200…? Whu? His letter was almost as threatening as what you all are saying the super speeder letters state. His letter advises of extra points and reporting to my insurance if I pay the super speeder, but the GA website says there arent extra points. I drive for a living or I would let them revoke my GA priveleges. I certainly wont be going back to GA for leisure again. I see the ticket fine as the price I pay to speed. It stinks but I can deal with it, but this BS SSL and the veil they put on it until you pay your fine is just petty. They know you aren’t going back to GA when you are traveling through. They know they have you.