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Sounds like a broken record here, my daughter and another car of spring breakers were on their way from Ohio to Florida when both cars were pulled over. Same ticket, same price. Interestingly enough, my daughter got a Super Speeder on the grounds that she was going 86 and the car she was following was going 85, so he did not get the SS fee? What? We have received our additional fine of $200 and I am afraid of paying, that it will leave a criminal mark on her record, misdemeaner? Has anyone heard of this?

I spoke with the friendly (NOT) people at DDS in Conyers, GA and they wound up hanging up on me after I asked them what the next fine might be since they had two opportunities to tell my daughter about this, first at ticketing second when the ticket arrived. That conversation didn’t go well.

I would be interested in a class action suit, especially since my daughter was following the lead car and he didn’t get this!!!!!


Thank you for any advice!