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I had the exact same experience, Tift County, May 2012, my husband and I driving from Florida to Atlanta, holiday, just got into drivers seat after 6 hr in, The police was driving on a bridge, turned around, got on the highway and pulled me over on I-75. When I asked, he had no clue what the fine was,,, nor what would happen if I didn’t sign. As soon as I signed.. guilty. I have not had a speeding ticket since 2005, perfect record prior, all papers in tact… good, law abiding citizen… I will never drive in Georgia again, nor vacation there!.. I want to hear more about a class action suit. This is not fair. I contacted a Georgia attorney, and he said,, when we paid the fine, the fine line said guilty which triggered this government harrassment. That same attorney said only recently, the law was once again changed where, once conficted the case could not be overturned without high cost. I will thank him, as more research has shown its true.
Thanks, CB