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We had the same thing happen to us. We recieved a ticket in GA for speeding. At the time we were never told about the super speeder law by the officer and we live out of the state of GA. We paid the fine only because we thought it was fairly reasonable and didn’t want to challenge because we live out of state etc. and thought we would be done with it. Well almost exactly a year later we recieved a notice in the mail saying my husband’s driver’s license would be suspended if we did not pay an additional 200 dollars. If we had been informed about the law we could have made another decision but we were not. When my husband called the # on the notice they said the officer should have told us about the super speeder law with us being out of state and all. I mean its obvious on his Driver’s License that we did not reside in GA. I am never going to GA again just for this and will spend my tourist $$ elsewhere. I’m not saying it was ok to speed or anything but it is a low blow not to give someone all the information when they are given a violation!!
My husband had no prior violations on his license before this and I have never-ever had a ticket so its not like we are thugs or something…
We cannot make a informed choice without being fully informed! If anyone starts a class action please contact me