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I was pulled over On I-59 at the Slygo exit going towards Birmingham but near Trenton Ga. I live on Sand Mountain and that is my exit to go up Sand Mountain. It’s about 11 miles before you get to exit 11 at Trenton Ga. Anyway, I was passing a SEMI that was acting very strange. He was weaving all over the road at times, going from the shoulder to the middle crossing the dotted lines. I was fearing he would cause a crash so at first oppertunity I passed him as well as another car too at the same time. Only so I could get in front of him and not be subjected to an accident should he cause one. Anyway, after I passed him( he was going about 55 to 65) in a 70 MPH zone ( I hit 90 at one point in order to pass him) I then brought my speed back down to the proper 70 MPH. I seen a GHP in the middle of the highway throw his lights on and wham, it was me he decided to pull over, and not the car who also was speeding in order to pass that semi. Nor did he pull over the wreckless driving Semi driver.

He clocked me at 90MPH. And said I would have to pay the fine at our local court house, however he said NOTHING about the super speeder law. Nor did I know anything about it. But I did explain why I chose to pass this Semi, and my reasoning for going too fast in order to pass the semi and I did NOT maintain that 90mph after passing the semi. That made no difference to him. He said that they were intent on fining all speeders now, due to the many wrecks in that area and I was fined and released.

I get home, wife was so mad, I REPEAT MAS AS ALL HECK. She informed me of the “Super Speeder Law” which I knew absolutely nothing about. And at this point there was no getting out of it anyway. She pulled it up online and showed me the new law which went into effect Jan 1st last year. Anyway…. She also informed me that we discussed this new law when it happened. Well I don’t recall this discussion. But she is always warning me about “Not speeding” “Take my time” “Buckle Up It’s the law” and on and on. I should have listened more. But I didn’t and this is what it caused. So with that in mind, I took my shower and went to bed. I didn’t even say I was sorry. I don’t know how to say sorry when I know I am definately in the wrong. Somehow I need to tell her that today. It’s been 24 hours almost. But I will NEVER NEVER speed again. No matter what.

I don’t know how much the actual fine is for going 20MPH over the speed limit but that SSL is $200.00 and due within 90 days of receiving the SSL Notice in the mail. Whenever that will be. I am more worried about how we are going to pay the fine, since it’s due in 30 days. We barely make ends meet right now. Which brings me to the point she has been trying to make all along. If we barely make ends meet now, and are okay with our home life though not finantually perfect, a ticket will take food out of our mouths. (no children thankfully they are grown and gone) however the added 200.00 SSL fine is going to hurt even worse.

DON’T SPEED IN GA. Is all I am saying.yawning smiley