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I do not live in Georgia, but I was stopped in Darien,Ga (McIntosh County) on Nov.11, 2011 and was given a speeding ticket. Not knowing that I qualified for the Super Speeder award, although the asshole officer was smiling the whole time. So, I called the phone number on the back of the ticket (more bullshit) that did not inform me that the state of Georgia as well as the McIntosh County Court was going to have their hands in my pocket. I calculated my offence and promply paid the appropriate fine and in turn received a receipt from the big Mac Court. Then the real fit hit the shan (Toby Keith), I received an Official Notice from a Mr. Alan Watson, Director of Licensing and Records. We all know him, right? I called the number on the threatening letter, to inform him that I had paid my fine and to kiss my ass. To my suprise (NOT) he wasn’t availabe, to any of my three calls; but his secretary (we will call her that for the sake of conversation) was quick to read me the GA State Law number blah blah blah. So, I asked her, if I already paid my fine, what is this for and where does the money go. She didn’t even know, some bullshit about emergency response fund. Sounds more like some a Christmas party fund for low end politicians.
No good deed ever goes unpunished. If you break the rule, you pay what’s due. This is not right. If you would like to call mr alan watson (dosen’t deserve caps) his number is 678/413-8488. Please include me in any group response or reprisal.