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i believe i have you beat in the unconstitutional behavior of georgia dept of drivers services, my name is don, i left ga 10 yrs ago, before dds ever existed, i had a suspension on my license that was over in 2007, 5 yrs ago, ga dds still will not give me a liscense after 10 yrs, and asked me to do all the things i had to do 10 yrs ago for my liscense, so i had no choice, i spent the money and did everything they asked of me a second time, from my residence in charlotte nc, and now they are asking me to show up for a court hearing on march 7th in forsyth county with no drivers liscense, no vehicle, and no job, cant get the job without the liscense and ins, cant get to ga without a liscense, ins, and a car, i have the ins, i have a car now, still no liscense, everything has been performed 2 times, as well as they wouldnt accept a letter from ga probation management stateing, i had already performed all that was asked of me in 2003, so there is no comunication or authority in what the probation dept says to the dss, and its the probation dept who makes probationers do what is expected of them??????? can anyone make sense of any of this, im supposed to be in a court room 400 miles away, 10 yrs after the fact, and am being held hostage in another state as i have no liscense to get there, i left ga 10 yrs ago, and will never return, but something has to be done about this travesty of govt, its the most conveluted organisation on earth and no one can do anything about it! im not protesting a law i broke over 10 yrs ago, im not even protesting what is required for violaters of the law, i am however protesting the fact that they are completely unconstitutional in their handeling of any and every case they have, and there is no one to stop them, they go completely unchecked in their endevour to rip off the ga driver for all they can get, as well as making peopole do things more than once that costs money, and still to no avail! anyone who will have the guts to sue this unconstitutional, crooked, corupt state organization, count me in, and im sure there are thousands of others waiting in a long line to see this happen……..thanks don