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I am not a Georgia resident, either. I live in South Carolina and was going to visit my best friend in Georgia.

I protest this law and am shocked that it exists. I received notice of the Super Speeder fine three months after I paid the ticket–thus admitting guilt. This is like dealing with the mafia. If I hadn’t paid it, my license would have been suspended in Georgia, and “possibly” (a mafia-ish threat!) in my home state. I don’t feel that I had a choice but to pay the fine, and had I known about it when I received the citation, I would have gone to court. I qualified for the SS fine by TWO miles per hour.

At the very least there should be signs notifying drivers of this extra and excess fine–posted where we can see it. On speed limit signs, or even at the Georgia state borders.

I would like to participate in a class action suit. Please contact me if you are interested.