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exact same thing happended to me… I dont live in Georgia and I still got a notice. I attempted to challenge the original ticket because due to congestion and time of day,I could not have been going 85mph when I was clocked. Not to mention there was a group of 8 cars around me, and about 5 of them white… just like my rental car. My officer was an ass and proceeeded to tell me he could not be wrong because he “used a laser”.

I paid my fine because the fine was reasonable and I am not going back down there from ky to challenge it. I just received this super speeder fine and now, because I have paid the other one, admitting guilt, I get this one.

If I had known this, I would have challenged the original ticket. This seems very hokey. I can understand having resident drivers pay this fine, because they know the limits. But I was driving a rental car, through a state that I have been in twice in 5 years, this seems greedy and makes me very angry. I had no idea there was some super speeder law…