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Brian Guerra

BRAVO !!!!! Georgia – you are the best!!!!
Make the long story short- I’m from MA and got in exactly the same situation as everybody else. WAs doing 82mph with the morning traffic -was pulled over and said that I was driving 87mph . I asked to test the radar and was told that it worked properly. I think by giving the same 85-87mph speeding tickets they have their radars set to this speed ( how ca we be sure they are working correct and that officers really re-test them) . I paid my 17 mph over the speed limit $180 ticket in mid July. and got this stupid Super Speeder Letter from the state of GA only 2 days ago (mid October) . That’s a total Bulls…..t. I guess some experienced lawyer could prove that it is against the law that police officers are not telling anything about this retarded SSD law. Otherwise everybody including myself will never pay that ticket but hire the lawyer to fight it. Someone called it GA traffic MAFIA – that was perfect word to describe the situation.
Anyway. If anybody really will file a class action lawsuit – I’m in. My email is medved111@gmail.com. I’ll be glad to help and cannot wait to see this unlawful robbery collapses.

Best of all to you guys.