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Thomas C Blauvelt

buzybee Wrote:

> Recently got ticket for allegedly going “90 on 70”
> – I know I was going over the speed limit, but not
> 10 over and most definitely not 20 over speed
> limit!! Officer did not care, proceeded with
> writing the ticket for going 90 on a 70.
> CORRECTION: I later looked at the ticket and come
> to realize the officer lied yet again, he had me
> down for going “95 on a 70” – That’s 25 OVER speed
> limit!! OUTRAGED!!!!
> Please add me to any class action suit
> aguiarcarolina27@yahoo.com
> Any words on the class action suit??

Full Story:

Recently was traveling south on i75 – I could see from far 3 cops with lights on the shoulder side with already cars stopped with them. Obviously, my speed decreased. As I past by them, one of the cars standing there started heading out and so did the cop. Lord and behold, he tailed me and stopped me. Now, he comes over and said I was going 90MPH on a 70 and proceeded to ask for license and insurance (who even asks for insurance anymore???) Anyway, I gave him the license and never even bothered with insurance after that. I contested about the speed – I may have been going 79-80 on cruise control and decreased from that speed miles before even reaching them. Tell me that I was going 80 and I would accept that. But 90 on 70 fully knowing they were there miles away??? He didn’t even care and gave me the ticket anyway. How is this just?? But wait, there’s more… Come to see the ticket later to realize he put 95MPH on a 70!!! YES – Lied yet again… And since apparently the only thing the court needs is the “cop” as evidence… How can you even fight this?? HIGHWAY ROBBERY!!!