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John S Brady

That is the EXACT reason I will NEVER drive ANY TYPE OF REDDISH COLOR VEHICLE IN THE STATE OF GEORGIA!!! I have lived in GA my entire life and figured out red gets pulled over more

bbrown765 Wrote:

> same thing happened to me almost a year ago. I was
> heading home and was driving back home to NC. I
> got pulled out of the middle of dozens of vehicles
> going the same speed. I was the only red car
> amongst a bunch of white.cars. I paid the fine,
> not wanting to drive allnthw way back. Then a
> month later got the Super Speeded Speeded fine. I
> paid both and now 9 months later got a notice that
> NC is suspending my DL. I am beyond furious. My
> job means having my license. Please contact me if
> any info on law suit at bbrown765@yahoo.com