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John S Brady

Here in the state of GA the cops do not ask for anything other than your DL because they can look up on their computers via your tag number for your insurance and registration information.. I’ve been driving since 18 (25now) and pulled over many times (no tickets) and never gave anything other than DL

KBarbosa Wrote:

> Please add me to the suit: kag09j@my.fsu.edu
> Same thing happened to me. After 15 hours of
> delays flying back from Colorado after
> Thanksgiving, I was driving from ATL back to
> Panama City and got pulled over outside
> Grantville, GA. There were four other cars around
> me, two were passing me. I was the one that got
> pulled over and was ticketed going 90 in a 70 on
> I-85. The officer did not ask for my registration
> or insurance information, only for my driver’s
> license. This struck me as odd, what type of
> practice is this that they don’t ask for those
> other vital documents in a traffic stop? It seems
> to me that the officer was intent on writing a
> ticket from the get-go.
> I was very polite to him, even though he was
> rather rude to me. I was going 85mph, which is
> still speeding, but he tried to tell me that I was
> outracing everyone on the highway, which is total
> malarkey, because as I stated earlier, I was being
> passed by two other motorists at the moment he
> happened to hit his lights. It was just after
> midnight on the Monday night after Thanksgiving
> and there were a surprising amount of people on
> the roads.
> He did mention the Super Speeder fee that would be
> added since he claims I was going 20 over, but I
> still haven’t received it and am worried I will
> miss some deadline and have my license suspended.
> I debated driving the five hours back to GA to
> appear in court, but I felt I would still have to
> pay the ticket and would have wasted two days of
> leave from work and money in gas and an overnight
> stay. So I paid the ticket, which cost me $399
> plus the $20 I was charged for paying online. In
> total, this traffic stop will cost me over $600,
> biggest shakedown I’ve ever experienced. However,
> most of you have stated you were given 30 days to
> pay your ticket, I was only given 18 days to pay
> the ticket or I would have to appear in court
> regardless. Has anyone else been stopped in
> Grantville?