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Michael F Rogers

Received a ticket in the middle of traffic behind another vehicle. Officer Brant Gaither claims I was doing 86 in a 70. For one I can tell you that it’s not possible as I was changing lanes and decelerating. In addition to that when the officer approached my vehicle he advised me that I was speeding. I very respectfully told him that my Valentine 1 radar detector did not go off and that could not be possible as it has a pop and laser feature. I asked him what band of radar they were using and HE SAID “I HAVE NO IDEA”. I was blown away by this because in any radar dispute the officer should have knowledge about what type/model/capability it is. So I accepted the ticket and went on. Received my email notification and paid the $180 fine. I now have my SUPER SPEEDERS fine. I am furious.

Please add me to any class action suit. jrmcmullin12@gmail.com