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Christopher Kopecky

I was pulled over coming back home from vacation in florida and officer Cox claimed that I was doing 85 mph funny I saw my speedometer when I saw the cop and I was doing 82 and had cars passing me by at 3 pm in the afternoon with heavy traffic and every single car had to be doing over 80 miles per hour as I was flowing with traffic. but oh well I didn’t want to argue with him and make things worse so I thank him for giving me the ticket and moved on. ( funny now that I think back on this I realized why he said I was doing 85 and not 83 or even 84 which would had been more accurate. since they can frame you for the super speeding ticket later on. I don’t live in this horrible state so I didn’t know their speeding ticket laws and neither have I ever gotten a speeding ticket before this. if I had known I would had handled this whole nightmare a lot differently! )

I do believe they all know exactly what they are doing to people and it is the definition of highway robbery! someone should put a stop to this people as they are nothing but thugs and I honestly feel I was set up just like everyone else here. too much of a coincidence that they insist on telling you that you were doing 85 mph or more! I hope something is done about this before it is too late! GEORGIA SHAME ON YOU!