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Paul Stanko

They first create the Law (http://www.safespeedsgeorgia.org/) then they create the victim, then they create a citation, then they recreate the profit. Only don’t they know is that they as well create distrust, disbelief and dishonor for our Law Enforcement Agencies should be out there to protect us. If we lose our confidence in our Law Enforcement Agents, then we lose every thing. Please see my letter to Legislators and my story below:

July 7th, 2014

To: Florida State and Georgia State Legislators

RE: Petition to investigate Speed Citation from Georgia’s State Patrol – Police Officer : Meeler, M. – Badge# 0465- Div. E-8

Citation# – NCIC: GAGSP0000 – Date: July 4th, 2014 – Time: 10:57AM – Morgan Probate Court -Madison, GA 30650

To Whom It May Concern:

On July 4th, 2014 we took our FSU daughter that is graduating this August 2nd with a perfect GPA 4.0 to a Georgia’s State Park-Tallulah Gorge. Unfortunately hotels were expensive and we couldn’t afford them, so we decided to go camping.

We left Tallahassee at 5:00 AM and drove through Georgia’s State by local roads because we enjoy the small towns and the countryside. We had a printed google map route because we left our GPS home.

The routes sometimes were kind of confusing and we actually had to stop sometimes to ask for directions. By 10:30 AM we were reaching the Madison Bypass, while stopped at the stop light cross on 441N/129 N/Eaton Road, I looked at the google map printout to check if we should go straight or go right on Madison Bypass.
We decided to go right, then immediately after entering the Madison bypass, my husband saw the police car with his lights on. There was a car right in front of us that stopped as well. So we both cars pulled over but then the car in front of us quickly left and we waited for the Officer.

He took a while to come to our window and we asked him what we have done wrong. He said we were driving at 67 MPH on a 45 MPH road. We told him it was impossible because we were doubtful on which direction to take and we were at the light right there, stopped at the light and decided to take the right direction, being so, we slowly took the right as we weren’t completely sure it was the correct direction.
Our car (Cadillac SRX) was heavily loaded with the camping things (I even brought a 5 gallon water as we got a pioneer camping), and even if my husband tried to accelerate it would take a while to reach 67 MPH.

I insisted to the Officer if he were sure that it was us and not the car ahead of us. He assured it was us. I told him that my husband has a clean driving record and it notes in his driver’s License that he is a ‘safe driver”. The Police Officer was daunting and intimidating, and we became afraid of him. He took my husband’s DL and I asked if he wanted our car Registration and Insurance, he said no, he didn’t need that. I thought it was awkward. I asked him to please take us into consideration, we didn’t run that speed. He said no, there was nothing he could do about it.

Then after a while he came back with the citation and sarcastically offered if he could be of help on the direction and wished us an enjoyable time. We politely thanked him, but we were shaky and in despair. I felt I wanted to turn back and forget about this trip but my daughter didn’t deserve that. We tried to have a good time with her so she didn’t feel our emotional distress but we just couldn’t stop thinking and talking about it. And we know this emotional distress will last until this is all solved.

The reason for this petition is that we feel were discriminated, we are Hispanics but American Citizens, and we are safe and responsible drivers. We are a Christian family, previously Volunteer Missionaries in Central and South America, we have no addictions and we feel we have been morally and emotionally abused. And consequently we will be financially distressed by the charges this citation will implicate.

If this Police Officer (Name: Meeler, M. – Badge# 0465- Div. E-8) has no skills to identify a guilty driver from a safe and responsible driver, he should be investigated by the Internal Affairs from his Sheriff’s department. As we felt his discriminating treatment towards us, we should have video recorded this, but at that tense moment we got blank.

We appeal for assistance in this matter as we feel we have every right to deny the allegations.