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Please add me to the class action suit.

My story is again similar to all the others and it seems obvious they target out of state drivers who aren’t as likely to challenge the first ticket. I live in FL and was driving through GA in July and ticketed for doing 86 in a 70 mph zone. I paid the ticket then two months later received a notice for the $200 super speeder ticket. I admit I was going over the speed limit in the left lane with little traffic at 8am on a Tuesday morning, but I don’t believe the punishment (duplicate fines, mulitple points and potentially increased insurance rates) fits the crime. Not to mention the lack of informing drivers of this law (similar to a construction or school zone where fines can double) particularly when other states do not have this type of law. I could understand if I were going 50 miles over the limit or at an uncontrollable speed and creating a hazard but typical interstate traffic flows around 80-85. I’ve gone 70 or less and almost gotten run over by other drivers which can create more of a hazard in the fast lane.

Does anyone know how the points are calculated and whether points are deducted for both tickets since I understand the super speeder offense is deemed as reckless driving?