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I agree I just received my ticket on July 7, 2013, coming back from Florida. I live in Indiana. I was doing 89 in a 70. The officer did not know what the price of the ticket would be. He also argued with me that I did not have a seat belt on which I always wear. I was thinking how could you prove that? Also he was clocking on the other side of 2 lanes with cars between us. He only wrote the ticket for speeding. Thank god after I paid the fine. Granted I was speeding but holy cow $422. Really ??!!??? It’s funny how most of these tickets are out of state drivers. Makes it a little tougher to go back to GA and fight it. Congrats to you GA what a way to rake in the dough!!!

On this same vacation I also drove through KY, the cops there were helping the motorist! Take a lesson GA!