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We moved back to NC specifically for my husband to get his license back. I got a job at the hospital and he finally after getting his license landed a great job that we depend on financially. We share a vehicle and have had to have the unit head replaced three times since installation end of Feb. I had a couple of warns during first few weeks of having it on car during breaks at work. We had our first download on march 25th and installer said nothing about a violation. He did say our device was faulty and had to replace it and if it ever said “abort offset” again that we should immediately tell him so he can replace the one he just replaced. A letter was sent to my husband on april 12th from nc dmv stating his license will be suspended for another year due to violation of interlock law or nc alcohol statues. What? There was no violation. I didnt receive this letter in time due to my husband medication change which caused agoraphobia and sever panic attacks during the month of april. I work nights so don’t check the mail everyday. So his license is suspended and missed window to get hearing.Our attorney sent a letter and doctors letter to show reason for not getting mail in time which dmv requested a reason why mail wasnt gotten.
Our attorney’s office called installer he said he would write letter stating he was aware of the faulty unit head and that he changed it. But two days later said we would have to go through smart start corporate because he cant be involved in legal matters. My question is if we get smart start to show that the unit was faulty and send that to dmv can we still get a hearing? Also the medical reason the mail wasn’t checked which we provided to dmv through attorney wouldn’t that be enough? And how long does it take to hear back from dmv after they received the letter?They sent us our first hearing not authorized letter on may 7th requesting us to provide reason for not getting the notice of suspension letter. May 21st response/proof of reason letter from the attorney and doctor was sent to dmv. Has anyone had success in receiving a hearing after the 10 day window? Is there anything else we can do if we are still denied a hearing? It wasn’t even a violation it was a warn and both of the warns on the logs say .0007 as reading. How is that above the threshold of violation? IT WAS A WARN AND A FAULTY UNIT HEAD. Oh and by the way I asked if we could get the camera installed we would pay the extra for it and the installer said that it is not offered in NC… wow..