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donna delagard

even though i am not in your area im in ontario i am sitting on if one fail of any kind o .my licence will be suspened so i understand what you are saying . but i am more surprised that these machines that have so many varitables could even make a decision on anyones life style or livly hood as they don;t work they are not relible .i just went to bingo haven; t even had a beer in at least a week LOL and it gave me a running fail and then a starting fail coming back from bingo . the other day it would not even take a breath it would say unstable every time i went to blow .i had to leave it 10 miles up the road and hitch a ride home . now on that note i have no perfume on .its raining like hell out there so no windshiled wash . no radio on and transporting nothing in the van . how did this law get passed didn;t they test these things .they don;t work . if they worked right they would make the highways safer but they don;t so we are quilty even when we are not . which isn;t the way it is suppose to be .lol i called the police station here and they said they don;t give breatalizers on request . so you can;t even clear your name . im ready to buy a seringe so i can have a wittness to prove when i take my own blood next . hope this helps i don;t have a cell phone or i would have called the police myself because falsely accusing you of some thing is wrong too . if you look mad enough they might even give you a breathalizer lol our van has had at least 18 early recalls in 13 mths and not once even though they changed the hand set did the service provider addmitt that the unit was faulty . not once from dec. till now did they change the box itself . it goes in monday an out of town tow to finally replace it . my email is rdd3111@cogeco.ca if this helps .its a money scam and its dangerous .it interfers with the electrical . i have to turn off the highway to turn down my street in the dead of winter i went to stop and make my turn and all i could see is the motorist behind me pasing me on the left as well as the right (wrong lane ) to avoid hitting me . two nights after bingo stranded with or without a pocket full of money cold and being a female at twelve at night . for almost an hour alone in a parking lot because the thing decided not to work . too many abourt blows then all the way out of town again for a reset . hope this helps .Their not gonna be happy until theres accidents . people get raped robbed or even killed from being stranded and guess what the accidents could very well be their family along with us . sorry this letter is so long but im pissed and its been a long 13 mths :) at least you have a web site too complain on i can;t find one .in ontario LOL