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I am all for a petition, I go up for my license March 13th and if I am fortunate enough to have the priviledge to get my license back; I dread this monster of a machine. My husband had the machine for 3 years and was so aggravated with the fails and knowing he hadnt touched a drop of alcohol still failing the darn thang. He was calling monatech all the tiime with problems to cover his tail freaking out during this process and dreading the mail when it came. He had a month left for the machine and received a letter that his license priviledge was suspended and had been suspended for a month or so and didnt know it and was driving still. He called the hearing officer and told her he had just received this letter and that the letter must had been sent elsewhere before he got it and didnt know he had been suspended and it was now time for the machine to be taken off, luckily she was a very concerned lady about this problem and must have been dealing with alot of people over this situation and made him another appointment and she requested it to be removed when he went to see her. He had to deal with the machine a few more weeks when it was supposed to have been taken off sooner. It was a nightmare for him but finally ended and he has been without this monster for a year now and now I soon may be facing this situation if she gives me my license back next week. Something needs to be done and even if I dont get them back this time around I will still sign a petition on this matter because I will evenually get them back I wont stop trying until I do. Charlene