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There I was on the way home from Copper, again, and there they were, the various overtime-earning patrol officers driving their “pace cars” at speeds to “harmonize” the traffic.

What actually happened was this: traffic slowed to the speed of the slowest vehicle, inevitably a 18-wheeler. 18-wheelers cannot climb or descend the grades on I-70 at more than 20-35 MPH, so that’s the speed of Operation Snow Tortoise. Yes, all of the traffic is “harmonized,” and yes, there were no accidents, but at 20-35 MPH on an Interstate highway, is that really any surprise?

Of course not!

How about this instead:

1) Pace the trucks one every 5-10 minutes so that there is never one truck passing another, and only one truck every 5 miles or so.

2) Enforce lane restrictions: slower traffic keep right, keep right except to pass (both laws in Colorado)

3) Teach people how to drive! The need to know sign shapes is obvious, but how about merging, looking ahead, exiting, lane courtesy, and the like? Utter ignorance abounds!

“Success?” No. Not at all. A cover-up for an unwillingness to actually do something useful about speed limits and drivers? Yep.