Anti DUI laws

mcpuntblock Congratulations ! I agree with you and yes I too will not hold my breath , although it may help with lowering your BAC level be lower
“””I can’t say that after this experience I agree with the punishment, but it is what it is. I think an IID is a great tool for people with multiple DUI’s that over time have proven that they will drive drunk, but for a first time offender, it pretty much just helps to make politicians look good.”””

Thank you for writing in. I have to start my iiD some time end of this month. I am not looking forward to blowing in the machine with my kids and friends in the car. FOr a first tiem DUI with no driving violations , this measure seems extreem. But hey Who can ever say – Drink and Drive – it is fine ! I am all for keeping our roads safe, but there has to be a more reasonable way !

Sorry Bliddy , if I sound like huffing and puffing….didn’t take my chance with the Jury . So here I am !