Well see the confusing part was that my husband never got a warning or anything at any point in time when he blew into the machine. It never said he had an alcohol reading and it never even “locked up” so to speak. That is why we were so confused! We both know he didn’t do anything wrong. He only has 1 month left until the device gets taken off. He waited 6 long years to get this put on his car because of financial issues, so with that being said he would never ever jeopardize this for himself. He doesn’t even drink anymore! In fact he has been alcohol free for 4 years! We were told the exact date when it supposedly happened though. It was on the same day and morning as his last monitech appointment! He worked the night before and there is no way he would be intoxicated. (He works third shift) So when he got off of work, he came home for a few minutes then it was off to the monitech appointment.

He told me today that the man at the monitech place accidently switched a part of the machine with a young female who was there at the same time, and he had to switch them both back out and put them on the correct cars. He told my husband that it would not affect anything at all and not to worry about it. Well now we are thinking what if it has something to do with this? We are going to talk to the man tomorrow about it and show him the letter.

My husband was told on the phone today that he needed to request the hearing. ( which he did) He can keep his license instead of turning them in on the 10th of Feb. And she told him to go about everything as he normally would until the hearing app. arrived. (Which she said could take up to a year) She also said that since he gets his machine off in a month, to go ahead and do so. She said that if his license still gets suspended at the hearing that he would just loose his license for a year and wouldn’t have to worry about putting the machine back on the car for a second time.