Ok so we got good news! We found out the exact day and time that it happened. We are still not sure why it would say he had alcohol in his system because he was at work at the time. His brother is clear and we feel bad for thinking it was even him to begin with. We are scheduling a hearing. My husband gets to keep his license and do everything normally until the hearing then if they do still end up taking away his license for a year he wont have to put the interlock back on his car ( Since he already pretty much had it on there the whole year). We feel relieved but at the same time we are not sure what to expect at the hearing. Not sure if we need an attorney either. I guess we will just see what happens in the months to come. Even though his brother had nothing to do with it like he said, we still feel its best to not let anyone else drive his car. Like you said Bliddy Boh, It’s his responsibly. Letting someone else drive your car is fine, but you must be careful and if something happens, well it all falls on you.