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slimdusty Wrote:

> Hey man thanks for the info. The only thing I’m
> thinking is if you ever do move back to NC they
> will still require you to have it. I thought the
> same thing I did the classes and community service
> here in NC but didn’t do the interlock. I just
> figured I would wait over a year (my requirement w
> IDD) and then get my lisence back. Well I did
> that and the interlock requirement is still there
> and will not go away. I was thinking of moving
> back to NY to open a store and see if I can get a
> lisence there like you did in FL but I think if I
> move back NC would still require me to get it. As
> I type this maybe you just meant drive in NC and
> not necessarly get a NC lisence? I have monotech
> install it today and it’s just not gonna work out
> lol. I will never drive drunk again but this
> thing is not effective it is actually not even
> safe. I’m hoping NY will do what FL did for you
> otherwise I may be moving to FL lol.
Sorry to the late reply, I haven’t been on here in awhile.

The way I understand it, in my case, is that as long as I have a FL license and get no tickets in 3 years, NC will drop the requirement for an IID should I move back. During those 3 years I can not drive in NC without an IID in the car or I will be charged with DWLR. So, if I go to NC, I have someone else drive while I am there. I’ve even been met at the state line by friends so I had a driver while being in NC, just in case. They also drove me to the line when I left. It will be 3 years March 2015 and I have had no tickets. So I will no longer have to have anyone meet me at the NC/SC line to drive for me while in NC when I visit and should I decide to move back after March, I can then get my NC license without an IID required. If I was to move back to NC today, I would have to get an IID in my car again, at least until March.
The rules vary from state to state. Moving here (FL) from some other state (other than NC) may have required an IID, even though I never had a DWI here. It just depends on the way states work together. FL may require it for someone from say Iowa, but not someone from NC.

You can call NY DMV and see what they say. If you are curious, you can call FL DMV to see if your case is the same as mine. I guess they will tell you the same thing, coming from NC to FL (and no past DWI in FL) you will not be required to have an IID installed.

Good luck.