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sunshine Wrote:

> So 3yrILD, do you drive drunk or tipsy? Just
> curious how you feel about that now-a-days after
> being through this, since you have a clean
> license.

No, I don’t drink alcohol at all and haven’t since 1998.

> Do you know if what happened for you, was law, or
> accident of someone not knowing (and implementing)
> the law accurately? It happens.
> Any chance you know the statue or law number that
> covers this? As WantToSucceed said, seems like
> word would have gotten around & FL is very hard on
> DUIs in-state. Obviously if it’d been part of a
> probation, the story would be different.

No sorry I don’t have the law. I first called Tallahassee to learn an IID would not be required. When I went to get my license in Clearwater I was told it wasn’t required to be in my car and I could get it removed.

> For all the impacts you’ve complained about, have
> you considered the impact of drunk driving when
> you hit someone? You had a custom machine so it
> mattered to you. People have custom bodies, that
> will never be the same. Parts that aren’t
> replaceable.

I was very fortunate and never hurt anyone.

> …just saying… it’s fair to gripe, but there’s
> more to the situation that I hope is rattling
> around there somewhere too.

I’m the type person that will not take to being taken advantage of. I was very upset to hear I was going to be charged twice for something. I simply wasn’t going to put up with it. I also wasn’t happy with the poor quality in which Monitech installed the device in my car. They are cheap and didn’t get proper adapters to hook up the wiring. They are damaging peoples wiring with their practice. Everyone should be mad about it.

I would suggest you call Tallahassee if you need more information about moving here and getting a Florida license. I don’t know if it applies to everyone or just people that have had Florida license in the past (I have in the late 70’s early 80’s). I have never had a DUI in Florida before. I did have some minor traffic violations on a motorcycle around 1984 in Miami is all. Those of course were long gone off of my Florida driving record, so I now have a Safe Driver status on my license here.