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Wanttosucceed Wrote:

> I wouldn’t assume anything about FL without
> checking with their DMV. I doubt they would
> forgive the NC DUI; if they did, everyone would be
> flocking to FL!
> In my opinion, the only safe and legal way to
> remove the device is to have the company who
> installed it remove it.

I’m not assuming anything. I went through it all about a year and a half ago (March 2012). I went through all required in NC to get my NC license back, including the paying for the install/removal fee for a Monitech device. 1 month later, I moved to Fl and went to get my Fl license. They gave me my license with no restrictions, no IID required and told me I would NOT be required to have a IID on my car in Fl since I have never had a DUI in Fl. My Fl license are in good standing to this day. I am free to drive anywhere in the country EXCEPT NC which will charge me with DWLR. Once the 3 years have passed (which will be March 2015) I can then drive in NC and I can get NC license with no restriction on them, no IID required AFTER the 3 years has passed.

I mailed my device back to Monitech in May of 2012 because they told me they were going to charge me a fee to remove it. I had already paid to have it removed when it was installed. Anyone that has a Monitech device in NC pays up front for installation AND removal of the device the day it is installed. I was going to drive up there for my first service visit (60 days after install of device) and let them take it out. Since they said I would have to pay for it to be removed early, I refused to drive to NC to have it done. I simply took it out myself and mailed to them at their main office address in Morrisville, NC. There was absolutly NOTHING illegal about me removing the device myself, since I do not live in NC any longer and no longer required to have the device in my car.

You can see here where I posted about it:
Here you can see the poor installation practice they have when putting one of these device in peoples cars: