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> …just saying… it’s fair to gripe, but there’s
> more to the situation that I hope is rattling
> around there somewhere too.

When i said that, I was referring to my comment (that seems to have gotten lost)… that people’s bodies are custom and aren’t rebuildable.

Whatever Monitech or whoever does to wiring… what shouldnt’ get lost is that it’s a car, and it’s real people with real physical bodies that get permanently injuried. Those bodies are “custom” built too. And they can’t be rebuilt back to new. Even with lots of expensive intensive work, people hit by drunk drivers live for life with the consequences.

So I was saying that while it’s fair to gripe over some mechanical stuff… there’s much more to this situation and I hope that TOO is rattling around in one’s thoughts.

The anger at what happened to your car hurts for those of us who’ve dealt with people who’s bodies were permanently damaged, if that bigger context isn’t considered too. That by comparison it’s trival that some wiring is cut and twisted together. Doesn’t change resale value except in a custom built or highend car where it has to be rebuilt. As for double charging to remove it – you didn’t get charged. It was an unusual situation that you’d moved, and under normal circumstances, wouldn’t come up. Glad you solved it all, but hope you consider it in context of the bigger picture.

Congrats on not drinking. Hard thing to change. I’d guess you could point out ways your life if better for it (hopefully better not worse)… That’s a big accomplishment!