Hello SupportiveSpouse,
My name is Jules, I work for Intoxalock and I would like to address your concerns. I am sorry to hear that you are having troubles activating your Intoxalock device. We understand that having this type of device installed can be a lifestyle change for any person or their family and it is our goal to make each and every one of our client’s experiences with the Intoxalock as seamless and smooth as possible.

I wanted to let you know we recently extended our hours and we now open at 7am Monday through Friday and do not close until 9 pm, CST. We are also open 9 am to 5 pm on Saturdays, CST as well in hopes to help better serve our customers.

I invite you to please contact me at 877-777-5020 so I can assist you with the proper breathing techniques and we can try to work through any issues you may be having. I am unsure of what state you are located in, but some states do offer flexibility and may offer more than one activation option. I would be more than happy to try to help bring ease to the situation.

Thank you,