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bluejean the key to these machines is never drink and blow into at least 48 hours after drinking!!!!!! Or quit drinking… The second MOST IMPORTANT THING IS TO
HAVE A CASE OF BOTTLED WATER IN YOUR VEHICLE AT ALL TIMES!!. Before blowing into machine rinse! rinse! rinse!

I have had trouble because this was not stressed enough when I got my machine. Mouth contaminates from foods, smoking, just about anything could cause a false reading. I live in carolina where the threshhold is lowest in nation at 0.01

You must do your research on your particular device THOUROUGHLY!!! If you do these things you should be fine.. Buy a (good) personal intoxilyzer breath meter… blow into it before leaving the house if you want to be safe….

I think you can find them in the market place… Worrying about the stigma and what other’s think should be the least of your worries, know your machine, be serious, and remember your license is your FREEDOM! Thier are MILLIONS that are using these device’s GOOD LUCK!!