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[edit: sorry, didn’t see you had it on for a year.]

I’d always to talk to your lawyer first to be sure (because there may be circumstances unique to you), but basically you’ll need to get your license back as soon as your suspension is over. Head to the DMV (a driver’s license office) on the date your suspension is up-you’ll still have the interlock in your car. If I remember right, it costs $100 for reinstatement from a DUI. Apparently, some people have had to take a driving test, but I didn’t. Once you get your license back, on the back, under ‘Restrictions,’ you’ll have a restriction listed for the interlock up to a certain date-usually 45 days after the date you got your license back. That’s the date the technician was talking about. Schedule an appointment to get a de-installation done on that date. The technician will ask to see the back of your license to verify that you’re eligible to get it removed when you bring it in.

After they take it off, monitech will give you a certificate saying you got it removed. Take that, and your license, to the DMV again to have them reissue your license without the interlock restriction on the back.