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Yep I had not had a DUI for 12 years and before that was over 30 and they went back 30+ years when I was a dumb teenager. Plus this time I was not even driving, I was sitting in my car knowing I made a mistake and fell a sleep in a farm field away from anyone but the farmer called it in. SO the DUI is dropped but get charged for having a drink with a “B” card meaning in our state you can NEVER drink. Then to find my B card was to of been taken off my license 3 years ago, I hired a horrible lawyer that did nothing for me.
My stupid interlock did a few aborts on me when driving then started working and never had a lock out but they pulled my license and calmed I was drinking. How? The machines are suppose to lock out when stopped if one has drank. The new upgraded model does false readings all the time and now my wife can not even drive it, it just don’t work. I want to sue the company but even that takes money. It’s always about the money.