We talked with a lawyer whom basically said alot about what people have said about if you get the dui you have to pay. I have said that the dui is one of the best things that happened to her. I cant help but wonder, my daughter got into an accident because of the interlock and she is ok. Yep we had to deal with the loss of her car so what they can be replaced. She is lucky because the police officer spoke up for her .The biggest blessing is she was not hurt. She is not going to drive until her sentence is done because who the heck wants to see them back in the same situation where she could panic and have it happen again. Dont you wonder if there are people that have had the same situation happen and not walk away. You would never know because its not like interlock is going to call the family and inform them that they when there family member had there fatal accident they just so happened to be performing a test for them. I think the law needs to be revisited. I am sure the goal is to keep all people on the road safe. As far as the grace period goes even the lawyer knows the game. If you wait no matter what the reason it will be reported to your probation officer{ at least in Michigan it will be}.