Dear Karen,

This is indeed a very sad story.

At the time of installation they should have told your daughter that there is a grace period of X minutes for the rolling re-test.
I guess they missed it.

In my case (Drager-XT, NJ), the grace period is 5 minutes.
I was shown a video at the time of installation which said that, when the IID asks for a rolling re-test, you should pull over to the side within 5 mins and take the test.
But the technician told me that you can take the re-test while driving.
They put that part (pull over) in the video just for liability purposes.

Till this date (4 months into the IID), I’ve never pulled over to the side even once.
I’ve been driving on the local roads, highways, interstate, everywhere without any problems.

But just because I had no problems does not mean anything.
Any body can get into an accident because the rolling re-test puts you in a panic mode.
You have to typically give 3-4 tests per hour of driving.

IMO they should just get rid of the re-tests.
Instead just test before you start the car and test again when you turn off the ignition.
But the law makers will argue that you will get totally drunk at a bar, have your hot girlfriend blow into it,
then you’ll drive 25 miles (speeding & swerving) to your home and have your sweet wife blow into it :)