What a lot of baloney.

Drunk driving isn’t the only thing that should get targeted. But your bitterness is your own lack of taking responsiblity. For your drinking and driving. And for your choice in this matter. Sure it sucks to get caught. It sucks to have problems in life. Meanwhile, the point is to stop drivers who’ve drunk. It’s that simple. Have you fully stopped? Then the program worked. Have you not? Then stop complaining.

Yes, pull over on the shoulder. It IS safer. Pull into a parking lot. People shopping there are doing it. It’s safe. Don’t be driving in the middle of the night so you have to worry about darkness and safety. It doesn’t effect others at all if you’re stopped for 2 mins, and they have to wait. Stop claiming protecting of others as your excuse.

Bitter women? That tells it all. You listened to their pain, and had no sympathy. You want pain in your life to get better… start being sympathetic to other people too, and to your own pain. Not the pain of being caught, but the pain that’s got you drinking and unable to deal with all of this. That too needs support and attention… and it’s out there for you.