I clearly stated that the ignition interlock device has a long way to go before it is perfected, and also most of us have already paid dearly for our crime without it! Going to jail and spending lots of money was enough for me, but now they want to shove this POS down our throats to cause more inconvenience and humiliation. Sunshine you say the interlock device prevents everyone from drinking and driving! Thats not what I see! I have read several reports in my line of work where first offenders turn right around and get caught drinking and driving shortly after it is removed! Some even get caught driving other vehicles. It is a personal choice to not make the same mistake twice! Not the device, MADD, cops, laws, etc.

Not driving at night is the stupidest thing you posted! People don’t always get to choose what hours they have to work. Im not pulling on the shoulder! Thats final! Not safe on the interstate so its not happening and I am sure others feel the same way.

No I have absolutely no sympathy for the MADD speakers! They were loud, rude, accusatory, and disrespectful to the crowd. Not one DUI fatal story told that evening was after 1995, and its 2013, so it looks like MADD isn’t helping them move on and heal either! Whos Bitter now? They should take into consideration the crowd they speak that way to and the fact that they may run into the wrong one in public someday! I shared in my post about my husband’s fatal death at the hands of a drunk driver — so I do understand their pain, and having to move on. Has MADD been able to bring anyone back from the dead yet? If so, please let me know!

Not everyone is the same, and people make mistakes despite the circumstances, and not everyone who gets arrested has the same drinking habits despite what MADD tries to pound into the sheeple’s heads.