I can give you a number of DUI caused deaths from 2013. And personally know of someone dealing with a near death from last year.

I’ve read enough of your posts, to see excuses and blames and bitterness. You need help. You are oblivious to the damage your habits cause. You cover up with inaccuracies, so you don’t have to face it.

There are brave people here facing their issues and moving on. Sorry to say, you aren’t there yet. You aren’t one of them yet. Good luck.

You aren’t remotely a causal drinker with a one time slip up. You’ve made statement after statement that proves it. So stop your denial. You aren’t fooling anyone!


“:Sunshine you say the interlock device prevents everyone from drinking and driving! “

If you can’t quote me accurately or understand what I write — i can’t take you seriously. You know perfectly well, that wasn’t my point, nor what I said.