Hey Sunspot we are talking about a faulty product! As consumers we deserve to purchase or lease products that work all of the time and not just “maybe.” I really don’t care about your statistics or social life! I have a relative who cannot walk because of a semi driver who was speeding and fell asleep at the wheel but who really cares about that either? I mean the driver was not drunk so that makes it all ok. Shit happens! We demand a better product! It is no excuse for some company to profit on a peice of crap!

Yes, most of us are angry for getting a dui. I know plenty who drove and got away with it including cops! The way DUI’s are handled now is over the top and rediculous and that is why people are bitter! Here is another fact! People are still getting them on a regular basis so its not working! HA HA! MADD is worthless and making people even more disgruntled! So here it goes angle of mercy! Unless you have been through this don’t f***** come here lecturing strangers about their actions! You are not a judge so go away and deal with your own crap! People on here are tired of being stranded andlied to when noone will do anything about it! Its abuse of a faile court system!